Articles and Columns:
The following is a gallery of publications that Burnett Marus has appeared as an author, columnist or interview subject. Links are provided where available.

Coin Connoisseur
This article published in 1999, provides an in-depth review of the rare coin market from 1970 to 1999. It covers the entire 20 year investment span of the market from its beginning as an investment medium, through the grading changes, the peak of the 1989 bull run and the periods up to the Y2K era. The historical information gives insight to the rare coin market cycles of performance.

Ticker Magazine
Ticker Magazine: A viewpoint article published in 2000 discussing the key points of rare coin investments from the perspective of the registered representative and compliance issues.

The Register
The Register: A frequent contributor to the Register, the official publication of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, there were several articles published concerning rare coin investments, coins in qualified plans and compliance matters.

The New York Sun
The New York Sun: Interviewed by Liz Peek of the New York Sun concerning the State of Ohio pension fund that invested a portion of assets into rare coins. Ms. Peek did excellent research for this article and provided a very balanced view on the subject.

Investment Advisor
Investment Advisor: Several articles written with Burnett Marus as source on matters of tangible assets and diversified portfolios.

Financial Times
Financial Times: A recent article authored by Gary Knaus of Chicago discussing current market performance. Gary has done extensive research into the rare coin market and the investment potential and we have exchanged many ideas and much data on the subject. Gary collaborated with Dr. Robert Brown, CFA, University of Chicago and me on the performance of the coin market.