Articles and Columns:
The following is a gallery of publications that Burnett Marus has appeared as an author, columnist or interview subject. Links are provided where available.

Financial Planning Magazine
Financial Planning: Several articles authored on the topic of rare coin investments and compliance. Financial Planning is the official magazine of the Financial Planning Association (formerly the International Association of Financial Planners)

Journal of Personal Finance
The Journal is a respected academic publication which does not take advertising revenue. It is currently published through Texas Tech University. Previously it was published by Kansas State University and Virgina Tech University. Archived articles can be found on the Journal of Financial Planning website. Burnett is a contributing columnist and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal. He has authored and edited articles on the subject of tangible asset investments. His book "Rare U.S. Coin Investments: a Practical Guide for Financial Advisors" was also reviewed in the Journal.

The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun: One of the many Canadian publications in which Burnett Has been featured.

The Montreal Gazette
Montreal Gazette: An extensive interview for this Quebec newspaper on the subject of U.S. rare coin investments and Canadian participation. Burnett worked extensively throughout Canada in establishing the investment program for our northern neighbors.

The Calgary Sun
The Calgary Sun: Alberta was one of the first provinces in Canada where U.S. rare coins were established as an investment option for Canadians. The Calgary Sun interviewed Burnett on the subject along with Canadian investment professionals.

Rare U.S. Coin Investments: A Practical Guide for Financial Advisors
Rare U.S. Coin Investments: A Practical Guide for Financial Advisors: In 2004, with the support and urging of several financial advisors in the U.S. and Canada, Burnett published this book specifically for the financial planning professional. It has recieved good reviews in the Journal of Personal Finance and by many independent financial practitioners. The book was published independently to provide an unbiased view of the subject matter. There are a limited number of copies available for purchase. For information on acquiring a copy, please contact us.

Media Appearances
Radio and Television: Burnett has appeared on "Talking Money" on WWL 840 AM, New Orleans,LA hosted by Fred Siegel; "Prudent Money" on KVTT 91.7 FM, Dallas, TX hosted by Bob Brooks; "Money Wise" on Channel 30, Arlington, VA hosted by Glenn Holtje; "Your Money" on WCRN 830 AM, Boston, MA hosted by Glenn Rennie and "Arlington Today" Channel 27, Arlington, TX.